6-year-old daughter refused to school mother angrily left it to the lake

Child mother
Businessman said that he is here to pull the child to the shore of the modern express reporter Sun Yuchun photo two days brush micro letter, found friends circle was "Gaochun mother threw her daughter into the lake," this video to the brush burst. Modern Express reporter confirmed that it is true. April 18 morning, Nanjing Gaochun District Pan Chi Park, a mother will be 6-year-old daughter left the lake, but fortunately the morning exercise of the masses immediately rescued. The video shows that the angry crowd surrounds the mother, the scene condemns the sound. Modern Express reporter learned from Gaochun police, the child did not seriously, her mother has also been admonished, taking into account the family education method is not appropriate, not to take further measures, but will continue to focus on the relevant departments and the child The Modern newspaper reporter Sun Yuchun Ding Sheng video crazy who is so cruel, the child left the lake in this video can be seen, a park surrounded by a lot of people, the middle of a middle-aged woman standing in front of a girl, girls sitting On the bench, head down, barefoot, the scene seems to be angry people. "Oh, is the mother threw the child into the lake ah?" "No school, can not throw her into the lake ah!" There is an old man on the spot angrily accused: "child mother, you are illegal!" See the child Who wet, some people brought her coat to her waist, to prevent the stomach cold. The child has been afraid to speak, his face half is wronged half is at a loss. Police arrived soon, a police immediately took off his coat to the children wrapped. Subsequently, the police holding the child, with "accident" mother left. Site to throw throwing the child into the water, was actually her mother sent the scene in Nanjing Gaochun District Pagoda Road on the Panchi Park. Modern Express reporter yesterday at the scene to see the park there is a large area of ​​water, the deepest more than 1 meter. See the reporter to interview, many witnessed the whole thing around the crowd came over. According to a master of Liu introduced April 18 at 8:30 or so, he saw a middle-aged woman on the bridge is a young woman, but also kicked the child kicked. The child was standing on the shore, was kicked back two steps, but did not fall into the lake. The woman continues to curse the child, followed by pick up the child directly thrown into the lake. "The child was thrown in the lake of water, but also the water is not deep, but also close to the waist." Found the side of the exception, the morning exercise of the masses soon came over. At that time the child to save up, is the 82-year-old business Zhiming, he is the day on the north side of the pool pool. "I saw her first kick the child, and then throw the child into the lake." Businessman said he was scared to run quickly past, see the child pitiful to stand in the water, he went down to the lake Live in the child and pull her up. Shang old angrily said that he later learned that the woman throwing the child was actually the child's mother. And the face of everyone's accusations, the child's mother repeatedly complained of suffering: "The child does not listen, refused to go to school." Soon, someone called the police. Progress kindergarten: the child has gone to school the girl is a high school kindergarten kindergarten children. Modern Express reporter yesterday afternoon came to the kindergarten, found the distance from the park on the two hundred meters. According to the kindergarten security, the child on the morning of the 18th was sent to the kindergarten after the clamor to go home, the teacher had to inform her mother, my mother is estimated to be too angry, and this later the move. "The child's mother came to the kindergarten, looked very anxious, said the Internet everywhere in the biography (throwing the child into the water video), asked whether it is infringed to their own Of the privacy. "Reporters would like to interview the person in charge of kindergarten, that they go out to meet, and security do not want to provide parents contact the way. It is understood that the kindergarten person in charge has been looking for the parents to talk about, I hope she will do the child's education work, do not hurt the child's thoughts and actions. And the children did not come to school on the 19th, yesterday has continued to enter the park. Police station: daughter refused to go to school mother out of control in Gaochun District Chunxi police station, the reporter saw the police at the time police police side. "This kind of thing is indeed rare." Fang Hongbing said, to the police station asked the mother, why do this? "She seems to be ashamed, that should not be, when they are out of control on the other hand, but also said that he is also incapable of child education. The cause of the daughter is not willing to go to school several times." Taking into account her starting point is to educate children , But the method is too radical, although it is a shallow lake, has also been suspected of infringing the interests of minors, endanger the safety of minors, so the police conducted an exhortation of education, and said the follow-up will be concerned about their family status. According to the police introduced the investigation process the child no exception, but the expression is a bit blank, but the mother's mood close to collapse, from the scene to be taken to the police station has been crying. Said Education Bureau: If necessary, will be psychological counseling for the matter, Gaochun District Education Bureau, the Commissioner of Work, District Procuratorate have to the police station for the inquiry. Procuratorate is concerned that the child had previously been subjected to family abuse. Fang Hongbing said that they investigated the child's family and the surrounding neighbors, learned that this family has two children, son 12 years old, daughter 6 years old. "There is no abuse of behavior and motives." "To exhort the way to deal with, do not want children and mothers are too much pressure, hope that their own regulation." Gaochun District Education Bureau Security Inspection Division Bian Chief said that the child encountered such a situation may be psychologically hurt, they will be concerned about. From the current situation, this is the education method brutal, improper. If necessary, they will coordinate the park on the children and parents psychological counseling. Education experts: intimidation of education should not be targeted for the mother's "education" behavior, Nanjing Normal University children's development and family education research center deputy director Yin Fei said: "This has been out of the scope of education to intimidate the way to force the child obedient Behavior, and can not be called education. "Yin Fei pointed out that the child is in the learning stage, parents are not patient, violent behavior is likely to affect the child, after the child in the process of getting along with others Encounter can not persuade each other's situation, it is likely to lose patience, like parents, with radical behavior to solve the problem. Yin Fei reminded, in order to make up for the child's inner trauma, but also the community, the school more to ease. In family education, parents must change their way of education to improve family relationships with their children. Lawyer: the mother's behavior allegedly disguised in the face of violence Liu Suzheng Mirror Law Firm Xu Hui lawyer told reporters that the mother's behavior has been suspected of disguised violence, and this year on March 1, "the People's Republic of anti-domestic violence Law "has begun to implement. Parents must be aware of the dangers of their "educational" behavior and the adverse effects on the child's physical and mental development. Children in the case of serious domestic violence, according to the law to the school, village, street, parents, the unit to reflect the situation, or to the public security organs to report, through legal means to take measures against the perpetrators. If the mother because of their own behavior too self-willed and negligence, resulting in the child is life-threatening, she will bear criminal responsibility.