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Man with a software taxi twice with 28 fare brush 2828 yuan (Figure)

Mr. Wang took out 300 yuan to Liu Chuanbo as a fares

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Haikou 35 people selling fake and shoddy products case was sentenced to a maximum of 15 years fine 600,000

The defendant Wang Mouxun, Wang Mouan, Hu Mouhua 5 people sold a large number of fake cigarettes

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Couple viaduct quarrel grudge woman climb ten meters high fence

Women and men grudge on the viaduct of the viaduct

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Guangxi large trucks high speed chasing tail truck 1 dead 3 injured

Quanzhou high-speed Guangxi Liuzhou occurred with a large truck rear-end truck truck traffic accident

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A French woman terrorist group was arrested that had attempted to attack the Notre Dame de Paris

France has a series of terrorist attacks

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Man riding high-speed electric car hit the old man was chasing criminal responsibility

The electric car is identified as a motorcycle

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Jiangxi large truck side turned down the van caused 6 deaths (Figure)

According to Jingdezhen Leping City People's Hospital 120 emergency center related staff told reporters

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Men stumbled to get 150 centimeters long reinforced from the lower body into the body

The experts carefully removed the steel from the field

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Japan Utsunomiya a park occurred 2 explosions 1 dead 2 injured produce gunpowder flavor

The explosion caused one death

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Taiwanese fishing boat off the sea sank captain died 2 people missing

The nearby fishing boat rescued Huang Qinrong and an Indonesian crew

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Graduates of university graduates fell to 50% of the second line of the city

Priority to recruit graduates with Beijing account

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Xi Jinping reiterated "peace of mind" for the world peace contribute to Chinese wisdom

The peaceful development of the world needs Chinese wisdom

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Taiwan, a woman planted 22 pounds of large potatoes need to use excavator excavation

Mother last year in the garden of 10 kinds of potatoes

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Hebei Xingtai Mayor publicly apologized to start the recovery process

Xingtai also on the Qilihe flood into the village of 12 villages such as the relevant issues were answered

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Hunan girl poisoning rescued behind the protection of the storm: by sexual abuse and threat

The school is located in this town

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Beijing: find out the number of people fleeing to achieve the dynamic management of flight information

Listen to the municipal anti-corruption coordination group on the implementation of the central government to carry out the international pursuit of stolen goods request

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Guiyang will raise the second suite provident fund loans down payment ratio

Adjust the second set of housing provident fund loans down payment ratio

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Eat the goods! Passengers entering the luggage compartment

Inspection and quarantine personnel to open the bag to check the baggage

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