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17-year-old boy pick up the phone does not also ask the owner for the account password

But also under the guise of Zhao name mobile phone QQ number

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Wonderful litigation: Lin Miao can not return to microblogging complaints against violations of personality

This is the registration of the implementation of the court after the normal day of Chaoyang court

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Jiangsu Yixing a school more than students diarrhea school denied food poisoning

The hospital also received several diarrhea students in the school

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Kunming, an overpass water for a long time not to withdraw the villagers fishing license plate to make money (Figure)

When the owner came back to lead the license plate

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Myanmar reporter was expelled from the parliamentary room for shooting members to sleep and play iPad

Myanmar journalists are negotiating with the government

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New Orleans shot the case of a death 9 injured the police arrested two suspects

New Orleans police in the field evidence

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Xi Jinping couple help the British "people intersect" with the times

Xi Jinping couple to promote the British people to understand China's Xi Jinping hope that the British people can better understand China

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Passengers into the Beijing Metro Line 1 operating track was carried on the platform

Contact rail recovery power transmission

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The patient on the operating table was repeatedly increased the price of money after the forced to wear the goods

Xinhua patients in the hospital treatment bed, the operating table suffered multiple increases

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The woman was husbands and her husband rushed to help her nurse

Li Yi said to the man

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Ministry of Public Security: Measures to Strengthen the Information Analysis of Anti - Terrorism

And earnestly strengthen the organization and leadership of anti-terrorism work

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Premier Li Keqiang in the scene of the explosion in Tianjin (Figure)

Ruihai company dangerous goods warehouse particularly major fire and explosion scene

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Central bank governor: the government on the city housing prices rose a high degree of attention

China is pushing forward the structural reform process on the supply side

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Development and Reform Commission overweight "steady growth" and then push the six new industrial engineering package

Focusing on information consumption, new health technology Huimin, marine engineering equipment, high-tech service industry development, high-performance integrated circuits and industrial innovation capacity of six major projects

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More than primary school students in Gansu by the teacher "open flowers" official: is to check

Gansu Linxia Yongjing County, a teacher corporal punishment more than students to ass 'flowering' event

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High school teachers with a broom to play late for students and students to deal with the light from the joint

Video hit the teacher is a high school in the county (8) class Wang class teacher

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The country gave the northeast 1.6 trillion? Development and Reform Commission officials: Department of misreading

National Development and Reform Commission issued a "three-year rolling implementation plan to promote the revitalization of old industrial bases in Northeast China (2016-2018)"

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Shaanxi History Museum outside the "cattle" ticket free ticket sold to 100 yuan

Votes a free ticket minimum asking price of 20 yuan yesterday morning less than 9 pm

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